Wednesday, July 10, 2013

How to Make Shell Charcoal / Coconut shell

    Next time I want to give a tutorial on how to make coconut shell charcoal, because many colleagues who want to do business this, Here I only share the steps how to make it:

1. Prepare a used oil drum, try that from Pertamina because thicker and durable than others, may also use the furnace. if use drum can be moved around, so loohh mobile. and open / closed top Bredel. so you can easily insert their raw materials.

2. Can drum in the holes sides 5cm diameter. but siapin also cover the vent. no indications of any holes no problem. I chose not to in the holes, because the experience a little wasteful of raw materials, too much oxygen in the drum causing coconut quickly burned to ashes.

3. After the kiln at the ready, make STARTER for burning shell, how to enter ato waste plastic at the base drum, then burn until the fire and enter a half-sack enlarged coconut evenly, doing gradual addition of coconut shells, about 30 minutes-1 hour once. not to put out the fire, which came out just thick smoke, while in the rocking drum uneven firing order.

4. Once it gets full in the afternoon, prepare a wet burlap sack, drum cover plate, straps made of tires in the former, cover all sides really tight. not to get even the slightest air gap of cigarettes. at this stage that in the call OFF empty. coconut shell charcoal so no flushing water.

5. Open the drum on the next day, prepare a base of zinc to air ripe charcoal, charcoal cooked sorting, separating them with immature. make sure there are no hot charcoal / smoke, make sure there are no glowing embers. then in use wire sieve nets (which is frequently used by workers gravel filter), this sieve to separate from garbage and coconut coir dust. so as to produce good quality charcoal.

6. Packing charcoal already in the sifter, make sure there are no back charcoals. after the insert in the sack check back with sides touching sack sack warm when found, immediately separate and unloading the sacks. inside is ensured that there is a warm sack charcoals. so be careful.

7. The latter set up a fire extinguisher and telephone Tackling officer, hahahaha.

All techniques should be tried, all the problems in the field can definitely be solved. Comparison of normal and standard is 100kg Coconut shell charcoal produces 25kg. When colleagues produce charcoal under 25kg ... evaluate ranging from raw materials that are less dry or less pembakaramn good way. Perfect authoring can get charcoal 40kg / 100kg coconut shells. Yach good luck, hopefully this article can provide additional knowledge for all colleagues. I do not ask anything, just pray for me so that I EXTRAORDINARY SUCCESS.

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